Welcome to the Studio NITRO R!

Welcome to the Studio NITRO R!

Welcome to the Studio NITRO R! 1840 850 FlyHi Studio USA

What about some good Latin music for this long weekend?! You’re going to love this artist. We just finished his website solution and it does come with a sneak peek of his single. NITRO R will be going into studio this second half of 2020 to record his album, so more to come about its future release!

In the meantime, we leave you with a little taste of his sound and story about him: https://dogfacemusic.com/nitror/

NITRO R brings a unique sound to the industry. You can feel his Latin roots from Ballads, through Regaetton to Hip-Hop. His music takes you through his journey in life. Broken hearts, joy, struggle, hope…

It doesn’t matter your genre of choice, NITRO R will bring you into his world in every song. It doesn’t matter if you are not one to hit the floor dancing, his beat will make your heart pump, your body move and your soul dance.